Thank you for completing / setting up your payment for your subs for the coming 2020/2021 season.

Please ensure you complete the below membership form to ensure we have you on record and to confirm you have signed up to the England Hockey Player Participation Agreement and the Southgate HC Code of Conduct.


All members of Southgate Hockey Club are required to complete this registration form and return it with payment prior to selection for the league season.  This information will be used to keep you informed about Club events and to contact you in the event of an accident or incident.  Some of the information is required to comply with the England Hockey Equality Policy, which has been adopted by the Club. In line with GDPR, all details will be kept secure with access restricted to authorized club officers only.

Club Membership
Required for data collection by England Hockey
Required for data collection by England Hockey and Club statistics.
Not Required however useful to understand our club membership to help in possible development and support in the future.
Required in case of emergency
Required in case of emergency
Required for Data Collection by England Hockey and to monitor Southgate HCs Diversity & Inclusion Policy
A Southgate Hockey Centre Membership Card will be issued to each player which will entitle you to members rates at the bar. Your Name, DOB & Email will be passed to the Centre Administration so cards can be issued. This information will be used for identification only and is managed within the GDPR Guidelines.
Please write name here to confirm details are correct.
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