Club Kit

Please note that the Club are in the process of reviewing our current Kit Supplier and we recommend that you hold off ordering any new kit until we have completed our review.


Our kit provider is PlayerLayer. They offer a range of kit items for both adult and juniors and deliver straight to your door via a website.

The website is

When ordering shirts from PlayerLayer (junior and adult) if you would like a player number added please make sure you fill out the “PERSONALISE HERE” box with the shirt number.

NOTE: If the number is NOT entered it will be sent out blank. And if you have not yet been allocated a player number, please contact Janice Plummer before ordering your number to check that the number is not already taken by another player in the club.

You can contact Janice at

Example of the screen is below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.49.01
For any queries relating to PlayerLayer please contact our club rep. Tina Hobday