Unlike most clubs we don’t charge a weekly match fee. Once you’ve paid your subs for the year you can turn up and play every Saturday at no further charge. We also have special rates for students, recent graduates, goalkeepers and juniors.

Interested in joining?

Below is the sign up form and detail on the fees we have for the coming season. All Fields need to be filled in for the form to be submitted properly.

We have categorised as Fees and Late Fees this year, we are giving everyone the opportunity to pay the lower fees by instalment if they pay their initial Instalment and set up their direct debit payments from Aug-Dec this year.

There are 3 Options for Payment of Subs this coming Season.

1. One Off Payment by September 30th 2016 for total amount of subs due. (Please see column 2 below).
2. Instalments by 31 December 2016 for total amount of subs due. Initial Payment needs to be made by July 31st 2016. (Please see column 3 below).

3. Instalments by 31 March 2017 for total amount of subs due. Initial Payment needs to be made by September 30th 2016. (Please see column 4 below).

There are also Training Fees that need to be paid (detailed in the link above).

Southgate Subs

Please let myself, or Bella (our wonderful New Members Sec), know if you have any queries, we are here to help!

full details on the junior page

Under 12s (up to and including school year 7) £170
Over 12s (School years 8 and above) £200 (includes Sunday and weekday sessions)

Payment can be paid in one lump sum or in instalments.
Annual payment, Under 12s = £170, Over 12s = £200

Two instalments
U12s = £120 in September, £50 in January
Over 12s = £130 in September, £70 in January

Question: What do I pay if I am playing regularly in an adult team?
Pay your adult fees, which will cover membership, adult games and adult training.  Then pay junior training/match fees of £70 to the junior section

Question: What do I pay if I am playing occasionally in adult teams?
Pay your junior membership and fees (£200) and individual match fees will be collected for adult games

SHC Junior Membership form 16-17