Pitchers 050915

The Pitchers started as a men’s development team with a range of ages which was the result of a very successful ‘Back to Hockey’ course held in the Summer. After a successful year they have now moved to competing in one of east regions hockey leagues.



  • Paul Creeley (vc)

    Paul Greeley

    Shirt No. 6.
    Other positions: Center back.
    Paul is also a vice captain of the Pitchers.


  • Jon Dann

    Jon Dann

    Shirt No. 5.
    Position: Center Back.

  • Simon Greenhouse

    Simon Greenhouse

    Shirt No. 7.
    Position: Left Back.
    Simon is also the social liaison officer and captain of the summer league and tour teams.

  • Mark Langley

    Mark Langley

    Shirt No. 13.
    Position: Centre Back.
    Mark is also a umpire and stands as Club Umpire Secretary for Southgate.

  • Ebi Nafis (c)

    Ebi Nafis (c)

    Shirt No. 2.
    Position: Right back.
    Ebi is also the Pitchers team captain.

  • Thomas Nafis

    Thomas Nafis

    Shirt No. 10.
    Position: Right back but also plays in mid-field.

  • Hugo Pomiankowski

    Hugo Pomiankowski

    Shirt No. 1.
    Position: Defender but also plays midfield.


  • Jake Mccarthy-Greenhouse


    Jake Mccarthy-Greenhouse

    Shirt No. 31.
    Position: Midfield and Pitchers founding player coach.

  • Ben Berndes-Cade

    Ben Berndes-Cade

    Shirt No. 12.
    Position: Midfield.

  • Brian Cade (vc)

    Brian Cade (vc)

    Shirt No. 8.
    Position: Midfield.
    Brian is also a vice captain of the Pitchers.

  • Jes Dagley

    Jes Dagley

    Shirt No. 9.
    Position: Midfield

  • Pinakeen Patel

    Pinakeen Patel

    Shirt No. 14.
    Position: Midfield

  • Phil Peters

    Phil Peters

    Shirt No. 11.
    Position: Midfield.

  • Gedeon Stol

    Gedeon Stol

    Shirt No. 3.
    Position: Midfield but also plays as a forward.
    aka Shekshy Hockey
    Gedeon is also player coach for the Pitchers.

  • Alfie Pizey

    Alfie Pizey

    Shirt No. 4.
    Position:  Midfield.

  • Lorenzo Giunta


    Lorenzo Giunta

    Shirt No. 20.
    Position: Midfield.



  • Andrew Todd

    Andrew Todd

    Shirt No. 18.
    Position: Forward but also plays in defence.
    aka The assassin
    Andrew is also the team sponsor.

  • Archie Gallichan

    Archie Gallichan

    Shirt No. 15.
    Position: Forward but also plays in midfield.

  • Zak Lennard

    Dhillon Shukla

    Shirt No. 16.
    Position: Forward.

  • Dhillon Shukla


    Dhillon Shukla

    Shirt No. 17.
    Position: Forward.