CV-19 Return to Hockey



Updated 29.03.2021

Southgate Hockey Club COVID Officer – Michelle Joubert –

Before Leaving for a Match / Training Session

  • Everyone must have filled in the Player Participation Form : Player Participation Form
  • Each and every player MUST self-assess before coming onto the grounds.
    • If you are experiencing ANY COVID related symptoms, please DO NOT come to your game / training session. You need to self-isolate and let your relevant Club Covid Officer know immediately (Southgate Covid Officer – Michelle Joubert


  • Avoid using public transport.
  • Avoid sharing a vehicle with others outside household/bubble.
    • If sharing lifts please mitigate risk e.g. opening windows, social distance if possible, face masks etc.
  • Government Guidelines are to STAY LOCAL until further notice.

On Arrival at Southgate Hockey Club

  • Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your published Pushback / Training time.
  • Please keep baggage to a minimum and leave excess in your car.
  • Please wait in your car until the rest of your team arrive / your slot in the holding area between the pitches starts – Your captain will send this to you before the match / training session.
  • Please ensure you do not congregate in groups bigger than 6 – please ensure you stick to this – it is in keeping with Government Guidelines.
  • No form of hockey may be played in these areas, please save stick and ball warm-ups for when you are on the pitch.
  • Only the upper floor toilets, in the bar area, will be available pre-game / training session.
  • No shower facilities available – changing facilities available in Marquee if urgent, otherwise please come ready and dressed.
  • Please DO NOT change on the pitch side!


    • No bags allowed in dugout – please use yellow demarcated zones along pitch side, bring a waterproof covering or bin bag if it is raining, bags will NOT be allowed in the dugout.
    • Max of 3 people, socially distanced allowed in the dugout at any one time (face masks not compulsory).

Team talks at half time:

    • Do not use dugout or goals.
    • Always maintain social distancing.

Face Masks:

    • Do not share any face masks used during short corners, please ensure you number or name each mask and use your own or the one allocated to you for that game.
  • Ensure minimal shouting during play.
  • Please limit retrieval of non-personal equipment, where possible, to use of stick (i.e. cones and balls), or allocate clean up to one person per game, until sanitised or left for 72 hours.

In case of injury:

    • Anyone administering necessary first aid should wear a face mask and gloves.
    • Please ensure disposable face masks and gloves are available in your team first aid kit.
    • Immediately sanitise hands thoroughly after.
    • If you are administering the help, avoid touching their eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Ensure penalty corners and free hits around the D are taken promptly.
  • Ensure that there is no handshaking or other unnecessary close contact.
  • Please use hand sanitisers on exiting the pitch.
  • Refreshments after game:
    • The Centre is currently offering a tea and coffee take away service until the 12th of April, in keeping with government regulations when sale of alcohol will resume.
    • Please keep to a max of 6 per table in the Marquee.
    • Visitor’s may stay in the clubhouse for up to 1 hour after the game has finished.
  • Only the upper floor toilets, in the bar area, will be available.
  • No shower or changing facilities available post game.
  • If you experience any symptoms after having played, you must self-isolate and contact your Club COVID officer immediately (Southgate Covid Officer – Michelle Joubert

Rules for the Bar Area in the Clubhouse (from May 17th)

  • Please follow all signs and markings around the building to ensure the centre and visitors maintain a Covid compliant environment.
  • Bags to sit next to players at the tables.
  • No use of tables inside clubhouse until further notice.
  • Max 6 to a table outside | 4 Inside.
  • Return glasses and plates to return table,
  • Spectators can watch from the balcony if socially distanced and in a single file.
  • The balcony will be closed if the centre is too busy and congestion cannot be avoided.
  • The bar will operate a takeaway service only when very busy.

Covid Advice for Umpires

  • In pre match conversation:
    • Remind both teams of content of Participant Agreement.
    • Ensure both teams are reminded of Covid related rules:
      • Prompt restart at corners.
      • No shouting.
      • No spitting & nose blowing without tissue (green card).
      • Suspended players – on chairs outside of dugout at Southgate.
      • Maintain social distancing at all times including breaks in play, half time and full time.
    • Post-match:
      • Encourage players to thank you from distance – wave, thumbs up etc.
      • Paperwork concluded using your own pen.
      • Use hand sanitiser frequently.
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