Back to Hockey 2021

The popular Back 2 Hockey session will be starting up again this month!!!

What is Back to Hockey?

• Did you play hockey at school, university or at a club, but stopped?
• Do you want to have a go at playing hockey?
• Do you want some insight into the skills your children are being taught?

Back to Hockey sessions are fun, social and informal and aimed at people who either have not played for a number of years or are looking to play for the first time. Do not worry if you are nervous or cannot remember any rules; our Back to Hockey coaches will gently guide you through this series of fun and friendly sessions. We promise it is nothing like the old school days of muddy pitches and standing around waiting for a touch of the ball.

When: Saturday 24th April

Time: 9 – 10.30

Where: Sand pitch

Coaches: Matt McDonnell and Charles Hamilton

Cost: £5 per session (£20 paid in advance per month)

This fun, social Back to Hockey is for anyone who is feeling a bit rusty after the long break away from hockey. It is an opportunity for you to get hockey fit again in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

All levels of hockey are welcome. Open to existing members and any potential new/non-members. Coaching is available to suit all ranges of abilities.

To sign up for the 2021 Season of Back to Hockey please fill in the below form so that we can contact you in due course:

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