Why Grassboots?

Supporting the community

For the sports clubs – The rising costs of running clubs and the dependency on volunteers and fund-raising to stay afloat is increasingly unsustainable. So, how can clubs generate a regular fundraising income without more volunteering and spending money to get little return?

For the parents – The increase in the cost of living makes it difficult to stay on top of the basics, let alone providing sports kit and paying subs. Children grow out of their kits, their boots, trainers, and sports equipment, so quickly. it’s an expensive hobby, especially if multiple sports and kids are involved.

So, how can parents support their much-loved clubs while managing the ongoing expense of keeping their growing kids equipped with everything they need?

That’s where Grassboots comes in…

We created Grassboots in response to all of these challenges.

Grassboots is an online marketplace for grassroots clubs, building a local network of parents within your own club structure who are buying, donating and recycling pre-loved kit whilst fundraising for their local club in the process.

So, what we’re really saying is “Don’t THROW them, DONATE them!”

Once you dig out your pre-loved boots, astros, tops, shorts, or equipment from the back of the cupboard and dust them off, you’re ready to use the app.

Download Grassboots from Apple Store or Google Play Store, then start donating and buying.

Simple club fundraising as easy as 1, 2, 3. Southgate HC will get 75% of every sale. Grassboots will get 25%.

  1. Register to your sports club.
  2. Upload photos of your kit, provide a brief description and add a great price.
  3. Press DONATE and wait for it to sell.

Once sold arrange a time and place to hand over the item(s) – why not meet at the clubhouse?