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Pitch Update

Saturday 2nd October

10:30 - Flagons vs Richmond Griffins
12:00 - Mens 2s vs Surbition 2
14:00 - Womens 1s vs Barnes
15:30 - Womens 2s vs Teddington 1

12:00 - Magnums vs Chelmsford
13:30 - Mens 4As vs Letchworth 3
15:00 - Womens 5s vs OMT 2

11:40 - Womens 2s vs Surbition 3s
13:00 - Mens 4As vs St Albans 5s
14:30 - Mens 2As vs PHC Chiswich 1s
15:00 - Magnums vs St Albans Centurions
15:30 - Womens 5s vs Eastcote 4s
17:30 - Womens 1s vs Ipswich

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