We Love Umpires


We always need more umpires, because we simply can’t play without them. We could all do with remembering that from time to time, and until you’ve blown the whistle for a few games, you have no idea how challenging and rewarding it can be.

Becoming an umpire is an excellent way to expand your hockey knowledge.  It will also help you as a player, giving you an appreciation for the wider game and improving both your temperament and concentration. As well as this, we all know that nobody can resist a person in a yellow polo shirt.

Drinks and travel

At Southgate, all our umpires receive a free drink for every game they do. We also pay travel expenses for away games or neutral allocations – just complete the form and send it to our treasurer. Download the form HERE

Becoming an umpire

Do you really know the rules as well as you think you do? Could you do with brushing up a bit? You can find out more on England Hockey’s Website. Alternatively, you could always volunteer to go on an umpiring course, organised through our club Umpires’ Secretary. If you are interested in becoming an umpire simply fill in the form below and our Umpires’ Secretary will be in touch to tell you when the next course is and how to sign up.