Sean was our M1 captain for 3 seasons in the 90’s and will be remembered by many. He played alongside brother Danny who is now the current England coach. Sean kindly gave up his time to look back over his Southgate career and to tell us a bit about what he’s been up since leaving The Gate.

“I have many fantastic memories of my time at Southgate HC  and that band of friends that trained, played and partied together.

I was persuaded by Vinni to come down to the The Gate and give top level Hockey a go, having been through the ranks of junior hockey and told in no uncertain terms that to continue at national U21 I had to join a better club and play on a synthetic pitch, what better club than that about to represent England at the Euros.

My first ever training session was just after GB won gold at the Olympics and I found myself on the training pitch with the likes of Doc, Kerly, Batch, Clift, Duthie, Spray, Singh, Shaw and a few others that could play a bit as well, easy it was not and I found myself warming the bench for a few seasons.

Highlights were;

Being introduced over the tannoy and running on at the first National league game away at Isca to rapturous applause the crowd having misheard Sean Kerly !

Winning the Pound Stretcher National league in the first year.

Making the squad for the European Cup twice ( not playing in either, again still warming the bench).

Many tours to fantastic clubs around Europe, Barcelona was always favourite.

Ali Mcginn, Nat, Mike Elemer and David Owens guidance” in the 2nds.

The dedicated band of supporters at Broomfield school who come rain or shine would meet at the pub, before coming out to give their valid opinions from the side-line.

Aside from the hockey the social “recovery events” with Dickie, Danny, Chris, Guy and all the others that joined us have made some pretty unforgettable memories. I do have some photos, that could be shared, of Guy dressed in Dickie’s mothers clothes !

After Southgate I returned to my Old Club here in Kings Lynn where I played for another 15 or so years, almost getting Pelicans to the National League play offs, missing out by one place. I played a fair bit of squash as well but now can only cycle as at the moment my knee has hindered my enjoyment of playing impact sport and so will turn gamekeeper, level One umpires course booked for this week !

I wish SGHC all the very best for the future and that a return to Hockey and all its social aspects happens in the near future.”