100 CLUB – 93 Pistons Hockey Club at Wimereux 1952

by Simon Parker

If you refer to SHC history on the website you will see a brief introduction on the Pistons.

“The Pistons were formed in 1950 by a group of members of the Southgate Hockey Club in order to participate in a Whitsun tournament at Wimereux. This was repeated in 1951 and 1952, but at that time there was no summer hockey being played in England. The Pistons continued for many years to play in the Whitsun tournaments in Le Touquet, but in the meantime had decided to establish summer hockey at home. The Club affiliated to the Hockey Association and was probably the first club playing in the summer to do so”.

What may be less well known, and has probably disappeared in the mists of time, is that in 1952 the Pistons actually won the tournament. The team was led Murray Johnson, the larger than life past president, and included my father, and Lawrie Norman.

Pistons Team: Back row furthest left John Parker, third from left Murray Johnson and third from right Lawrie Norman. (I don’t know any of the others)

The trophy was presented by a somewhat papal looking official to Murray Johnson.

The trophy itself was somewhat unusual, being a large piece of “Fait Main” porcelain pottery from Rouen. 

You may be surprised to hear that it is still in existence today as it was, for reasons unknown to me, given to my father and it is now in my possession, and I have to say carefully guarded. There is a label on the bottom that records its provenance.

As a final thought, it is clear from the tournament programme that it was not that onerous, from a playing point of view. Classic festival hockey I suspect.