5s faced third placed Chiswick 3s looking for a better showing than the 8-3 defeat earlier in the season.

Chiswick started strongly and took the lead.

Southgate rallied and played the better hockey as the half progressed. Skipper’s pre-match team talk had included a warning to watch for the deflections that had been costly in the corresponding fixture. Unfortunately this fell on deaf ears, as Chiswick scored a second against the run of play from a well worked penalty corner routine. Southgate continued to create chances. M1’s goal machine Teague Marcano  watched on as his protégé Alastair came closet to pulling one back when he hit the post.  Teague’s next coaching session – “Hitting the target!”

2-0 down at half-time.

Once James arrived, the half-time team talk commenced. There was a  belief the game was there for the taking, as long as we “used our heads”. It was there for the taking- unfortunately by Chiswick.

In the second half Southgate were unable to  capitalise on their numerical advantage as Chiswick picked up a couple of cards. In contrast the visitors were clinical when they had the numerical advantage and scored a third after Raj’s yellow card for following the half-time instructions.

It finished 3-0, with a feeling of missed opportunity as Southgate played the better hockey for the majority of the game.

Onwards next week to table toppers Ham & West, with hopeful the same endeavour and teamwork, but with hopefully a touch more quality.

MoM Sajiv and Scott

DoD: Raj (I think- but my memory’s a little fuzzy)