97 – The Tankards Hockey Club

“You’ll find out how the Tankards make things hum”

For this unfamiliar in the august ranks for Div 9 East League SW we are represented by a team of fine fellows with ages  from 13 to 80+ called The Tankards. Featuring some of our longest playing members as well as our newest recruits it has transpired this week that the Tankards has a heritage that goes back deep into the sands of SHC history and lore. This letter inviting members to a club social in Soho 90 years ago has opened up a little portal into the social life of the team at the dawn of the 1930’s.

Club Archivist John Willmott wrote last week with this amazing photo which we think is dated 17.12.1930. Although very erudite and lyrical it is also we surmise a classic chaser for attendance to a club social- something of which we are all familiar. 

“The Tankards as far as I knew was SHC’s Sunday side and very social it was, however it seems from this photo that it may have been a separate entity before that” John Willmott

Subject to some success raiding the archives and collective memories, we are hoping Adrian Scott-Knight will be able to tell us more about The Tankards history in the coming weeks. 

We had some very interesting correspondence from you after last weeks published photo of a scene behind the bar not too long ago…

Kim with the help of the eager eyes of Keith Lewis, Adrian Scott-Knight, John Willmott,  we think has managed to name the most people who she details below- many familiar faces!

At the bar L- R – Caroline Maloney, John Shaw, James Duthie, unknown, Dwayne Robinson, Susie Duthie with Ella Duthie, Donna McCall, Laura Cavanagh (now Robertson), Paula Barron with Rhianna Duthie, me (!).

Then behind me Soma Singh, David Lloyd-Williams, Mike Hadden, Keith Lewis, Anand Shukla, Shami Shukla, ?? Gupta (4/5th team), Paul Newman, Sean Kerry ?? not sure about that one, Ajanthan Reginald (AJ).