A Daniel Spencer strike and Chairman’s MOM performance leave 5A’s close but not close enough in Broxbourne humdinger

A brilliant, thrilling finale for the W1 at Snakes Lane to secure promotion proved to be the highlight of a final Saturday round of fixtures with the much anticipated 5A v Broxbourne at 4.30 away perhaps not living  up to its billing.

A familiar gathering of 5A stalwarts assembled with the welcome return of Antony and Daniel Spencer and the equally welcome guest appearances from Jez Lavy and Tony Mastroddi. Unusually we were bereft of youth for the first and only time this season – the youngest being 19 but still the age range straddled something well over 40 years…and quite possibly 50.

The well honed 5A warm up and tactical briefing was somewhat curtailed by the later than normal arrival of the W1 supporters hot foot from Trent Park and the longer than usual walk to the pitch as the car park was overflowing…but not it turned out, because of the huge crowds filing in to watch this end of season humdinger.

The team took to the pitch like a well oiled machine and were rapidly in motion albeit largely in first gear and a heavy use of reverse. So, no surprises that the youth and speed of Broxbourne quickly caught us on the back foot.

A youthful and energetic Broxbourne belied their team’s relegation status and piled on the pressure. One nil quickly became two nil and felt like a long afternoon ahead.

The 5A rallied with Michiel and Antony making their mark in midfield and getting good ball upfront to James, Daniel and Tony. Chris Ray started what was to prove a big shift in this game.

Despite some good short corners and a bigger share of possession, half time saw us standing 0-2 down.

The second half saw 5A at their best and we won the half! Robust, resilient defence from Jez, Giles, Leon and Neil kept the oppo’s youth at arm’s length. The midfield and forwards worked really well together – Antony pulling the strings, Michiel strong as ever, Chris’s Ray and Rouse tireless, James and Daniel getting better as the game went on and Tony a handful in the D.

Another few minutes and we could have grabbed this game and three points. But, rather like the whole second half of the season, it was not to be our day. The umpire blew for full time, much to the relief of Broxbourne.

An excellent goal from a Daniel Spencer short corner made the score line 1-2. Many good second half performances but it was the captain who got the Man of the Match honours for this season’s finale.

And now, onto next season via the End of Season dinner on 22nd – see you there.