CLUB 100 -79 : The Naming of The Flagons

This week I found myself turning out for our Flagons side along with a string of other Flagon debutantes. As I ran up and down and around and about I started wondering what led to the creation of the Flagons and the history of our elite mens vets team? I then got shouted at by someone and returned to playing the game but nevertheless curiosity led me to send out a missive to the great and the good and Keith Lewis came back with this:

With regard to naming teams, I think when it came to the first official veterans side in the club, it was decided to follow the Tankards theme and name it after a drinking vessel. Hence was born the Flagons, although unfortunately I cannot remember who actually came up with that particular name. As Alan Limer was the first captain, it may be worth asking him if he can remember.

A kind introduction from Adrian Scott Knight later and  I was soon in touch with club legend Alan Limer who responded generously with the below:

The reason for naming this new Veterans side was very simple, we took the lead from what was then the Sunday side, namely the Tankards.  I  do not remember who actually suggested the name Flagons, it could well have been Tim Dodds as he was able to source the actual Flagons.  It was very important to have a vessel that was capable of holding a sensible quantity of beer!  Failure to produce one’s Flagon generated a fine of £1 collected by our keeper Don Jones.  

Quoting from my original Flagon (now sadly underused) the original team members were Mike Burman, Tim Dodds, Mike Fielder, Chris Gerrard, Barry (the ram) Johnson, Don Jones, Keith Lewis, Willie Lickorish, Ian Mackay, John MacPhail, Graeme (jelly legs) Phillips, Alastair Pinney, David (Razor) Wilkinson with Warwick Hoyle as Vice and me as Capt.  

Two points; firstly there was quite a lot of resistance to taking out a number of the older players by the club, it took a couple of years before the club sanctioned a veterans side.  (I remember using the fact that Willie had been grumbling that he did not really wish to continue and it was the prospect of playing with his mates that kept him on the pitch.)  Vets hockey was a bit of an experiment. Secondly look at those original members who still have a direct family connection.

Lastly would the club welcome my Flagon for the trophy cabinet?


Alan Limer

Ever the family club, it is nice to note that this Saturday James Pinney(demon striker, never stops running) was turning out for the Flagons- the same side his Dad Alastair Pinney helped form as on of it’s founding players some years previously. With thanks to Alan again for his email.


Alan- we’d love the Flagon for the trophy cabinet!

Warwick’s article from last week got the email in box busy and some lovely reactions from those that remembered him- and that tour!

From our president Dick Beechener

Fantastic to read the Warwick Hoyle article again- he was such a wonderful chap and lived and breathed Hockey- especially Southgate. Warwick on tour was a joy to see in action and to be part of some of his escapades.   I do recall the article  as I was lucky enough to be in that 1983 squad and went to the European Finals but only used as substitute Keeper in warm up games. The Legend that is David Owen was our Keeper and one of the very best.

From Stroller (Richard Dsouza)

What a brilliant article by the late lamented Warwick!!