CLUB 100 no. 73

Colin Nash

We heard last week from his wife Christine that SHC member Colin Nash has sadly passed away. Adrian Scott Knight, Mike Burman and John Willmott have kindly been filling in some of the gaps for those of us not familiar with Colin.

Firstly though this is from Colin’s wife, Christine:

“I am sorry to tell you that my husband Colin Nash passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack on June 22nd. He was 81.

Colin joined Southgate Hockey Club in the 1960s when he left the Cardiff School of Architecture and came to London for his first job. I think he has been a member ever since and he maintained a keen interest in the club even when his playing days were over.

He was President and cricket captain at the Hornsey Club, a member of the MCC, a squash player and in the summer played hockey for the Pistons at Hornsey”

It transpires that Colin was indeed our longest serving non-playing member, and alongside John’s Dad, he helped design and build the Walker Ground accommodating three clubs in one (Cricket, Hockey and Squash!). As well as previously playing for the club he was a keen cricketer playing for Hornsey as Christine mentioned. His brother has a claim for fame too, Malcolm Nash, as well as playing for Glamorgan is perhaps best known for being hit by Garfield Sobers for 6 6’s in an over in 1968!

Anyone wishing to be in contact with John’s family please email me directly and I will put you in touch directly, please email me at


Finally and to end this weeks Club 100 on a slightly more light hearted note past president John Willmott has written in,

Dear Editor,

Best quote or excuse of the season competition.  

Anonymous- Perhaps our most senior playing member!!!

On asking why he had missed the start his reply was “I arrived over an hour early, so sat in my car reading my book and fell asleep” !!!

Best, John

John Willmott

PS Another one from the past. “Sorry I couldn’t play but my wife’s broken her leg”.