By Adrian Scott Knight, Keith Lewis and John Willmott

 Last month we reported that Past President Rowley Charlton had died.  Here is more information about Rowley. Rowley was managing director at Marconi.

Rowley joined Southgate from Chelmsford in 1965 and soon became a leading member of the club.

 During Rowley’s membership of Southgate HC, he held many offices culminating in being elected President in 1989/90, a post he held up to and including 1994/95 – a total of six seasons. He had been elected a Vice President in 1977/78

 Other positions in the club that Rowley held were as follows Fixture Sec – 1970/71, 71/72, 72/73, 73/74. Captain 3As – 1970/71, 71/72, 72/73. Vice Captain 4th XI – 1978/79, 79/80, 80/81. Captain 5th XI – 1987/88 Chairman of Selectors – 1981/82, 82/83, 83/84.

Rowley instigated the system of “ Green folders “ which gave clear instructions of what was required and when, for newly appointed club officers e.g. for the incoming Fixtures Secretary.

 During his term as President, Rowley was keen to move the club forward and to continue the initiative started by Laurie Norman, who had much earlier sent around a circular to all members entitled “Whither Southgate Hockey Club”, which concluded that the Club needed to move from the shared facilities at the Walker Ground and to have our own ground.  Rowley very kindly offered his home to the then “Major Project Steering Group” which met monthly for several years to plan and execute what was our eventual move in 1998 to Trent Park, our current home, and we were most grateful to Jo, Rowley’s wife, for her very kind and copious refreshments.

 Rowley was the 1st team manager at the time of Southgate’s hat trick in the European Club Championship  (1976,77,78) . In his day he was also a skilful player.

Rowley had been in poor health for some while and he died on 5th June, 2021. His funeral was held on 23rd June at Hendon Crematorium and afterwards at South Herts Golf Club.

 Our condolences go to his widow Jo and son John.”