After the defeat against Richmond, the 4s were called to react, and the derby against the 3s came at the right time.
It is known that a derby is won more with the heart than with the legs, and this is the attitude that the 4s put on the field from the first minute: the 3s started with the highest centre of gravity, but our defensive line, well coordinated by the special guest Andy Richardson, managed without any particular problems. Indeed, it was the 4s who became dangerous especially on the counterattack when on several occasions we came close only to miss the target with efficiency in those last metres.
The result changed a few minutes from the end of the 1st half when Lik (welcome back!) delivered his drag flick to the bottom from our very first short corner.
The second half starts on the same leitmotif with the 3s putting on even more pressure leaving the side to the counterattack with Waqas, Mitch, Angus, Lik and Freddie able to restart quickly but always well stopped by the opposing defence.
The fatigue begins to be felt under the continued pressure of the 3s: perhaps signs of the first real lack of focus from the defence, Will Biggins entered unchallenged in the area, hits a shot in the direction of the goal and finds the deflection of Scott Ellis, who punishes the innocent Akshay.
The psychological impact is felt, and with that the 3s took heart , the 2-1 scoreline (not in our favour) also arrived not long after with Jackson able to deflect a half-height shot into the net.
The disadvantage reinvigorates the 4s, who throw themselves forward in search of the well-deserved draw. The many short corners, however, are not converted even if some doubts remain for the only really debated decision of the day when the drag by Lik was saved by the knee of the man on the post: the umpire deciding to grant only one more short corner instead of the penalty the 4’s sought and hoped for.
We know there is no joy in defeat, but today the 4s have shown that that 0 in the league ranking does not reflect the value of the team, and if they can put this heart and this quality on the pitch every Saturday, there will certainly be happier moments throughout the season.
MoM Andy R.