COVID-19 Compliance – PLEASE READ!



Southgate Hockey Club COVID Officer – Michelle Joubert –

Everyone must have filled in the Player Participation Form : Player Participation Form

Before Leaving for a Match (Home or Away)

  • Each and every player MUST self-assess before coming onto the grounds.
    • If you are experiencing ANY COVID related symptoms, please DO NOT come to your game / training session. You need to self-isolate and let your relevant Club Covid Officer know immediately (Southgate Covid Officer – Michelle Joubert

Travel to and from games

  • Avoid using public transport.
  • Avoid sharing a vehicle with others outside household/bubble.
    • If sharing lifts please mitigate risk e.g. opening windows, social distance if possible, face masks etc.

On Arrival

  • Please use the Overflow car park for match day.
  • Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your published PB time.
  • Please keep baggage to a minimum and leave excess in your car.
  • Please wait in your car until the rest of your team arrive / your slot in the holding area between the pitches start – Your captain will send this to you before the match.
  • No form of hockey may be played in these areas, please save stick and ball warm-ups for when you are on the pitch.
  • Only the upper floor toilets, in the bar area, will be available pre-game.
  • No shower or changing facilities available pre-game.

During the Game

  • Dugouts:
    • No bags allowed in dugout – please use yellow demarcated zones along pitch side, bring a waterproof covering or bin bag if it is raining, bags will NOT be allowed in the dugout.
    • Max of 3 people, socially distanced and wearing face coverings allowed in the dugout at any one time.
  • Team talks at half time:
    • Do not use dugout or goals.
    • Always maintain social distancing.
  • Face Masks:
    • Do not share any face masks used during short corners, please ensure you number or name each mask and use your own or the one allocated to you for that game.
  • Ensure minimal shouting during play.
  • Please limit retrieval of non-personal equipment, where possible, to use of stick (i.e. cones and balls), or allocate clean up to one person per game, until sanitised or left for 72 hours.
  • In case of injury:
    • Anyone administering necessary first aid should wear a face mask and gloves.
    • Please ensure disposable face masks and gloves are available in your team first aid kit.
    • Immediately sanitise hands thoroughly after.
    • If you are administering the help, avoid touching their eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Ensure penalty corners and free hits around the D are taken promptly.
  • Ensure that there is no handshaking or other unnecessary close contact.

After the Game

  • Please use hand sanitisers on exiting the pitch.
  • Refreshments after game:
    • Visitors will be escorted to teas by home team to ensure one way system is followed.
    • Visitor’s may stay in the clubhouse for up to 1 hour after the game has finished.
  • Only the upper floor toilets, in the bar area, will be available post game.
  • No shower or changing facilities available post game.
  • If you experience any symptoms after having played, you must self-isolate and contact your Club COVID officer immediately (Southgate Covid Officer – Michelle Joubert

Rules for the Bar Area in the Clubhouse

  • Please follow all signs and markings around the building to ensure the centre and visitors maintain a Covid compliant environment.
  • Bags to sit next to players at the tables.
  • Remain seated in the bar area unless in a socially distanced queue to purchase items from the bar.
  • If weather is good, please use outside area.
  • Max 4 to a table inside.
  • Max 6 to a table outside,
  • Return glasses and plates to return table,
  • Spectators can watch from the balcony if socially distanced and in a single file.
  • The balcony will be closed if the centre is too busy and congestion cannot be avoided.
  • The bar will operate a takeaway service only when very busy.

Covid Advice for Umpires

  • In pre match conversation:
    • Remind both teams of content of Participant Agreement.
    • Ensure both teams are reminded of Covid related rules:
      • Prompt restart at corners.
      • No shouting.
      • No spitting & nose blowing without tissue (green card).
      • Suspended players – on chairs outside of dugout at Southgate.
      • Maintain social distancing at all times including breaks in play, half time and full time.
    • Post-match:
      • Encourage players to thank you from distance – wave, thumbs up etc.
      • Paperwork concluded using your own pen.
      • Use hand sanitiser frequently.