Debut with a win for the 4s, who take home the 3 points at the end of a rollercoaster match.

The London Wayfarer Vikings are a tough opponent, among those expected to fight for promotion, and they start the match trying to put pressure on the 4s. However, beyond ball possession, there are few real dangers for Sam Rowson, the U16 goalkeeper making his official debut with Southgate’s jersey. Huw Stevens, another debutant on the field but already active for the club as an assistant coach for the M1, orchestrates the game from the back, managing to relieve the pressure with quick aerials that force the opponents to retreat.

And it’s on a quick change of field that Richard Martins is good at earning the PC that Huw successfully converts for the 1-0.

The opponents’ reaction is immediate. Sam is good at blocking the attacker launched in a 1 vs. 1, and the Vikings are imprecise on a couple of dangerous occasions. However, the equaliser comes on a PC (the only one of the match for the guests), and this seems to destabilise the red and blacks, who lose their bearings a bit and give way to the opponents who now attack with more conviction.
The 1-2 goal is just around the corner and comes from a confused action in the D with a nice deflected shot just enough to evade our goalkeeper’s intervention.

In the second half, Southgate reorganises and, due to the opponents’ physical decline, manages to gain ground and put pressure on them. Richard, again, earns another PC and Huw scores once more, bringing the score to 2-2.

The Gate now believes in it, and Huw, in one of the few forward sorties, launches a slash that cuts the pitch from the far right of midfield towards the second post, catching the opposing defence unprepared. Lik is good at being in the right place at the right time, controls the ball, and deposits the ball into the now-empty goal for the final 3-2 after skillfully evading the goalkeeper’s intervention.
The opponents’ reaction is timid and disorganised, even leaving the possibility for our team to score again, but the nets remain untouched.

Three important points for the 4s in view of the exciting fraternal challenge on Saturday against the 3s.

Goals: Huw Stevens 2, Christopher Kastelik (“Lik”)
MoM: Huw Stevens
DoD: Freddie Trathen