Disappointing 5A loss to Blueharts 7

Match Report : Anthony Spencer

Result : LOSS 2-1 vs Blueharts

Without the reassuring presence of captain Neil at the back, the 5As were not able to repeat the strong win we had away against Blueharts’ youthful team. The first half saw us largely on top with frequent incursions into the opposition D, with Blueharts only managing one shot on goal, but we went into half-time with just one goal to show from our chances, with Yuvraj flicking a shot into the net past an agile keeper. Blueharts were playing three good vets up the spine of their team, and our final passes into the D were being cut out too often by their sweeper.

The second half saw greater pressure in the middle of the pitch with their vets having growing dominance, and we conceded two goals, the second a rather scrappy affair when we didn’t deal with a bobbling ball. Neil Commons was very active in the second half, and deservedly MOM for a number of excellent saves. The collective feeling after the match was that we didn’t play badly, and fair credit to an opposition team that has improved since last time; it’s good to see young talent enjoying their hockey and developing, even if it was to our cost this week. There were two father-son combinations in our team, and Simon Holmes’ work-rate was excellent, with Alex Holmes developing nicely in the right-back position, his overlaps going forward used much more as the game went on.

The younger Spencer found that playing a match after a school match was a test of his youthful stamina, and that cramp isn’t just for old men. Positives include some sound defending from Mark and Giles, so for once we didn’t concede a goal in the first five minutes; then again, given the final score, perhaps the 5A winning formula is to concede an early soft goal and claw our way back to victory!

Fortunately the results of the two teams below went our way, and we’re still second. Back to winning ways next week..