Flagons bring home first win of the season

Flagons vs Richmond Griffins : 3-2 WIN

London 4NW

HT          1-0

FT           3-2

Southgate Goals:

  • Mitch Read 2 (both open play)
  • Will Hargrove 1 (penalty stroke)

This was the flagons second outing of the season in league 4NW.

A cool but dry day saw a strong start from the Flagons dominating possession and transferring the ball well without scoring but looking good and playing well. With about 25mins gone there was a strong tackle from Brian Cade in Midfield and an accurate pass forward to Mitch Read. A good tidy finish saw the Flagons go 1-0 up. The rest of the half was played out well with one notable save from Sam Levine at a short corner high to his right – short corners looked their best threat.

Shortly after the break the Griffins won a corner and scored – an unfortunate one as Ivan Stark, running one, got a deflection but alas not enough of one. The game then entered a slightly more chaotic phase with neither side dominating and with 10 ins to go it was anyone’s. At this stage Griffins got another short and scored again – a well taken goal. So now with 8 minutes to go in a game we should not have been behind in what was the reaction to be? A good one is the answer, a couple of shorts game close but then with 2 minute to go a good ball in from Davie Richardson saw Alastair Whatley close to scoring when he was bundled over by a defender with the keeper I close proximity. Captain Hargrove stepped up and went low and hard to the right of the keeper for 2-2. Sixty seconds remained when they passed in error to Mitch Read who scored passed their keeper for 3-2. Twenty seconds or so now to go, the storm was weathered and the final whistle went – the balcony roared  VICTORY.

A game played in good spirits and well marshalled by umpires Justin Edwards andDave Plummer (thank you).

Sam Levine did a good job, especially a very cool and well-judged leave. Mat Mitchell & Phil Peters ran the centre of defence well. Kiran GhoshHowie Wilson & Ivan Stark likewise did well, composed and hard tackling, all three could have been man off the match candidates. Midfield had a better first half than second but thing went ok. Captain Hargrove roamed about and tried to mix the passing up. Brian Cade was strong and created that first goal. Guy Garner &Ravi Chana were always a threat and worked hard producing opportunities in a contrasting way. Upfront the quad – Alastair WhatleyMitch Read,  Ollie Costelloe & Dave Richardson – worked tirelessly and effectively – a great shift put in. Several people put their hands up for MOM but it has to go to Mitch Read.