Flutes vs Magnums

Result: Flutes 0 – Magnums 1

The eagerly awaited Flutes v Magnums re-match proved trickier to organise this time as many of the participants, having played a high number of games over the past month, were either crocked or found something else to occupy their Saturday.  Flutes captain, Lynn Bryden, who was herself carrying an injury, was tearing her hair out by Thursday when two injuries and a late withdrawal left her with a squad of ten.  Time to bring in some young blood.  Megan Lam was a tad bemused at being asked to play in a match in which the majority of players were old enough to be her grandparents but was happy to oblige.  Emily Argyrou also joined us and initially both teams had one sub each. Alice Broderick, who had arrived for a leisurely morning watching her mum, soon found herself in borrowed kit and a stick in her hand.  Magda Charalambous, managing from the side, was kept busy reminding our younger members to mark their player and keep running! 

This game proved a more even affair than our first match, aided not just by some younger legs, but informed by our previous encounter where we had realised the necessity of passing quickly and making the ball work for us.  There was some neat passing and chances to score from both sides.  The Magnums thought they did not play as well as in the first game but as an observer – albeit a Flute –  I would say that the women got their act together a lot better from the start of the game, aided of course by some non-Flute-age legs and strong support from the side. Hell’s Argyrou played a blinder in goal and with the Flutes defence solid in the tackle the Magnums were finding it hard to find the openings in the goalmouth.  By the same token, the Flutes were also finding it hard to create scoring opportunities with the Magnums defence and keeper equally stalwart.

By the end of the first half Susie had limped off the pitch but our captain Lynn, warrior that she is opted to keep playing despite a niggly back  however , we were now down to one sub.

At this point, BTH had finished and a couple of players wandered over to see what was going on and, establishing   that Andrea L  was of Flutes age, within five minutes she was also on the pitch.

As I quickly explained to her if you are old enough to play you are automatically part of the Flutes ‘family’

At some point and I have to confess to not only not seeing it but not being aware that a goal had been scored until we were having tea after the game ……….. however, I am reliably informed that at some point  RBL played a through ball to the RF Martin who speedily ran down the wing and along the back line  before and there are two suggestions – either he popped the goal in himself or he passed it to someone in the centre  and they scored from the P spot to give them a 1-0 lead.

Flutes now had a fresh pair of young legs in the shape   Olivia Jeeves but despite the Magnums -feeling the pressure  of only one sub and -beginning to toil in  the warm  sunshine. they remained resolute in their defence and secured the win in a very enjoyable and well contested game.

Well done to captains  for making the game happen despite varying setbacks and to both Lynn and Kathy for bringing lots of cake.

We all enjoyed the post match chat  including tales from ex superintendent Nigel and the discussion over the state of George’s shoes. We are all looking forward to match 3 where there is a suggestion that we have a mixed F/M match

Watch this space. 

Report by Jo Price