Ham & West Thirsts enjoy a taste of victory over Mighty 5’s

Some days are better than others. Some days are truly dreadful. If only there was a way of knowing when these days will occur. Fresh from a humbling defeat the week before the captain of the Mighty 5s (ST) decided leading by example would be the way forward 

Healthy Dinner [ü] 

Early night [ü]  

No alcohol [ü] 

Healthy Breakfast [ü] 

Arrive on time [ ] 

It turns out that despite all the planning and well natured thoughts if you mix up meet time and push back time along with some TFL tomfoolery you will be late. So many thanks to whomever took the warmup in my absence. 

What matters is I arrived in time to ‘win’ the toss. By win I mean the oppo called the wrong thing so technically he lost. It’s a shame he didn’t then go on to lose the game. Ahwells. 

Anyway, where was I. 

On a refreshing slightly overcast morning, the Mighty 5s lined up to take on Hampstead and Westminster Thirsts at Southgate Hockey centre. Without going too much into what happened other than they scored more than us then general discussion post match was, ‘how come they can pass to each other, maybe we should try that next time’.  

Having reviewed the match video I can confirm 2 of their 3 goals came from Southgate 5s inability to control the ball  and then pass to each other. The other goal came via a sneaky deception on a penalty corner whereby they vaguely passed the ball at goal and our left post man ignored the ball anticipating a deflection.  

So the story of the game was they pushed back, scored early pouncing on ponderous midfield play. We equalised through Kabir trickery from a PC. Before they grabbed a second from the afore mentioned penalty corner on the stroke of half-time. Second half we strung some passes together, threatened their goal, could have equalised but instead gave the ball away in a dangerous position and let them score. 

But I hear you say, 1 defeat does not make a truly dreadful day. And you would be correct, however Liverpool also lost to a late winner and I couldn’t make the Sgate social.   

Anyway, a few plaudits. Ethan Played very well. Rory was very Loud. Kabs and Andy R your presence was greatly appreciated. Arun got man of the match, and I got DOD for obvious reasons.  

Next up Indian Gym at Home with hopefully some stalwarts returning from Injury.