Hotshots v W Hampstead A 18 August

Result – Hotshots won 4-1

So to our final game of the summer league season. Finding players during August has been hard for many teams and this proved to be the case for Hotshots last week with low availability and Shots also facing the same problem.  After much searching and messaging we recognised that putting out two home teams was not going to be possible. Michelle kindly moved her fixture and transferred some of her players and we finally had a team.  

Cake after our final WH game

Despite losing Imo before the start of the match, having dashed from work and forgotten her shoes, we made an electric start with Deb J, Lottie R and Caitlin HC surging through the middle to score 3 goals in the first 15 minutes, Caitlin dazzling past the keeper within the first few minutes followed by 2 well-converted drag flicks from Deb.  Katelyn B had stepped in at the last minute to play CB and the defence were transferring well around the back ensuring a good flow of movement on both sides of the pitch.  Sadly, around the 20-minute mark, Caitlin received a blow to the face requiring steri-strips and ending her participation for the night.  

WH were now into their rhythm and able to create more opportunities in their attacking half.  When a short corner was awarded we became aware that we did not have enough over-18s to take up position behind the line which led to an amusing quick-fire parental permission check from Deb to Olive watching on the side . We had our four defenders and the ball was guided away to safety.  

At half time we said goodbye to Lottie and Helena ,off to performance training and with Caitlin no longer able to participate we were down to the bare eleven. The game was now evenly matched with the homeside working hard to maintain their winning advantage.  There were good passages of play and chances to score from both sides with Hotshots eventually opening the WH defence and  Edie W on hand to slot the ball neatly past their oncoming keeper.  It was a credit to the opposition that despite the 4-0 deficit and sensing our tiredness they continued to push forward looking to score.  At some point Deb J, feeling unwell, needed to leave the pitch and we were down to ten.  Happily she was able to return but the lack of subs was beginning to tell and WH were able to take advantage when a pass down their right side evaded the HS defence earning them a well-deserved consolation goal.  

Moments later the whistle blew and we tiredly but  happily made our way to the marquee for cake.  This was a great game to end our season played in good spirit and with us finishing on a proud unbeaten record.  This has been a really enjoyable summer league competition our team came together well with a  blend of  youth and experience.  We made new friendships, created a great camaraderie and played some lovely hockey along the way.