INTRA Match Whites 5 -Reds 3

Sat 30th May

Report by Jo Price

Away from Summer league fixtures Saturday saw the return of the popular mix up games organised by two of our hard working COS team Jo B and Kim BL 

Having been used to playing in nothing  above 15º c temps it was a bit of a shock to find ourselves playing in a humid 23ºc . 

With no keepers and one player short we recruited Charles for the Whites and Luka for the reds .

There was some lovely passing from both teams but Reds initially stole the initiative with a well taken goal  fairly quickly followed by a second.  Whites them upped the ante and began pressing hard  down the right wing and through the middle and eventually despite sturdy defence from the Red back line carved themselves an opening which Michelle Joubert duly slotted home  – Whites were now on the charge and very soon Michelle in the right place once more had come through the middle to make it 2-2. 

Liv Richardson had now arrived to join the Reds and there was no further score before half time . 

At this point with everyone  beginning  to wilt – a number had already spent 90 mins at BTH  – we agreed to play only 20 mins in the second half. Charles and Luka dressed in track bottoms gratefully left to pursue  other activities and with Rhi Hart ,pivotal to the White attack ,also vacating the pitch. Liv  R  changed shirts to balance the numbers . 

This proved a game changer  as during the last 10 mins she was able to make several breaks down the left  and  despite ardent marking from the red defenders twice  got away to slip the ball into the net . Somewhere along the line there was another goal from whites but no idea who scored it. 😀. 

Reds counter attacked successfully but were held out well  by the excellent back line of Kathy Hammond Jo Berndes and Ellie Haberlin . Finally Caitlin H C wove her way through to find the back of the net for Reds  One final PC to Whites saw Jo P tip the ball away to the back and we all gratefully made our way to the garden for some much needed refreshment!