L3s tough start to the season vs Richmond

Southgate W3s 1 – 2 Richmond 2s

Match Report : Michelle Joubert

It was a tough start for the L3s first league game against Richmond on Saturday. With a new team together we certainly had our ups and downs.

Starting strong and dominating in the first 20 minutes of the game, we thought we would be giving GK VBL a deserved rest after her speedy return from the W2s game in Surbiton just a few hours before!

As I am literally the worst person to recall when a lot happened in the game and often how it even happened, we will look forward to a few highlights and lowlights from the game!

We welcomed newbie Gen into midfield this week who along with some other Vet College friends have joined Southgate in force this season!

Our forward line this week did a lot of running and frustratingly for the team not an awful lot of scoring! We did however look to put in place some of the new tactics and game play Lucca (honourable weekly mention) has started to instill in us, even thought we are yet to quite get it right everytime! (Imagine the force we will be come March 2022!)

Midfield and Defense had their work cut out for them this week! They held well and fought hard throughout, with 11 of the 14 woman of the week votes going to defenders, it was obvious this is where the battle lay!

Our goal came from Meg Lam who scored from a Penalty Strike, we have a video of it and everything (Big points this week to mum Karen for getting the camera ready in time!)

WOMAN OF THE WEEK this week goes to Liv Richardson who put in a killer performance in the back line, and came away with no bumps, bruises or scrapes, which in itself is noteworthy! Close second went to Ellie HC who was everyone right hand man this weekend, always there whenever someone was needed!

We ended the day up in the clubhouse with some teas and delightful Ice Cream, compliments of me (You’re Welcome!), from the incredible Darlish Ice Cream! Just LOOK at these post Ice Cream happy faces!!!!

We walked away feeling like it was a 5-0 loss rather than the very close 2-1 loss that it was! We are ready to take away all the positives and build on it as we face West Hampstead this coming weekend which is sure to be a challenge in itself!

Team Sheet:

Caroline O’Brien (captain)

Julie Rodriguez

Ella Duthie

Michelle Joubert

Victoria Bishop-Laggett (GK)

Sarah Tingle

Ellie Haberlin-Chambers

Enrica Tagliasacchi

Olivia Richardson (Woman of the Week!)

Meg Lam (1 – PS)

Hilary Howson

Genevieve Tibbett