Ladies 1s took on Ipswich and came back with a 3-0 WIN



Katie Hopkinson PC

Emily Ruffell-Hazell F

Hatty Wilcock F


MoM: Emil RH & Hatty

DoD: Carla


The day was Sunday, Oct. 27th and the Southgate Ladies 1’s had risen early to head north to face their latest challengers. As the sun shone in their eyes, they saw the glistening of the blue home turf of Ipswich. Having come off a great away win the weekend before against Horsham, Southgate, were hoping to produce the same result against Ipswich.

The first quarter whistle was blown and the ladies were off like a bat out of hell! The team put immediate pressure on the Ipswich defense as they strung together a number of strong attacking phases. It wasn’t long till a penalty corner was awarded and the first opportunity awaited them. Memories of last season’s game winning goal in the final minute was in the back of Katie Hopkisson’s mind as she stepped up to the plate to attempt a redo of that same goal. With a precision insert and trap, Katie took a hold of the ball and ripped a drag flick straight into the back of the net! She now sits with a perfect corner goal record against Ipswich going 2 for 2 in 2 seasons.

Southgate was not ready to ease up yet and 5 minutes later they were ready for goal number 2. A slick piece of play from Lucy Thayer landed the ball on the end of Ella Sherring’s stick at the top of the circle. Ella showed off nifty stick work as she got herself free of two defenders and put the ball towards goal. A deflection touch from Carla Johl at the stroke spot gave the ball some air before a final finishing touch from Emily Ruffel-Hazel saw the ball past the keeper and into the net.

The ladies were 2-0 up heading into the 2nd quarter. Ipswich came out firing and created moments of chaos for the team. But, without faltering, Southgate kept it clean on defense and continued to create a fast paced attack. They threatened the goal a number of times, but the score remained 2-0 at the half.

After a breather and some gummy sweats to refuel the tank, Southgate, wasted no time getting back into action in the second half. The team began to attack the right side with Hatty Wilcock threading line balsl for the strikers to pounce on and make accelerated runs into the circle. It was then that another break-through came. After delivering another ball down the line, Hatty continued her run from right back to support the play and received the ball back at the top of the circle and smoothly duped the goalie to slot one inside the right post. The moment gave Hatty her first national league goal.

Shortly after going 3-0 up, Southgate, were dealt a few cards. Katie saw a green, followed in quick succession by Carla who took the upgraded yellow card for a dodgy tackle. Late in the quarter Hatty exchanged getting on the scorecard for a green card. Despite battling the game with players down, the ladies embraced the chaos and kept searching for a few more goals. However, great goal-keeping from the Ipswich GK kept them at bay.

The final whistle secured the 3-0 win and the third win in a row for the Ladies 1’s. Emily and Hatty took home Man of the Match honours after their exceptional play and killer goals. The team now has a weekend off before taking on Bromley and Beckenham at home on Nov. 9th.