Ladies 1’s Vs Ladies 2’s

The first game back after lockdown three was a clash of the Ladies 1s and Ladies 2s, with several new joiners and a whole load of guest appearances from old gals. Although we feared that it would be a rusty affair the pace at the start showed that, despite the months of dreary 5km runs, we could still play hockey. Captain Charlotte Childs started the goals with a blistering hit from top of the D sailing into the top left.

The 2s responded with several well fought short corners, and it was end to end stuff until Hannah Kilpatrick won a penalty flick. Slotting it into the bottom left, the 1s took a 2-0 lead. The second quarter saw a few epic runs from the likes of Jennie Stephens and newcomer Lottie Rachel, sneaking into the D and winning a few more short corners for the 2s.

But Lucy Leel responded in kind with two massive goals off her reverse, reminding us all that she is actually quite good at scoring. With the game getting increasingly scrappy (as we all realised that a game of hockey is actually quite long) the 2s continued to push the 1s hard. At the end of the 3rd quarter, defender Ellie Robinson found herself in the D and slotted it neatly into the bottom right off her reverse, celebrating with a rather surprised expression. The game was played in such a positive spirit, and you could tell everyone was excited to be back on the pitch. Although it was a 5-0 win for the L1s, the L2s fought hard and many of the newbies really made their mark. Both teams now go on to their own friendly leagues over the next few weeks!

Lucy Sheffield/Charlotte Childs