HT 0-2 | FT 1-2

Southgate goals

Will Roughton  – 69mins field goal

Score order

0-1, 0-2, 1-2

MVP votes

James Rushton 5

Luke Ellis 3

Dan McGrath 3

So, as the pictures shows, a bright and crisp early afternoon met us as we arrived at Southbury Leisure Centre. WH&E 1s were the oppo. They had played once less game than us and were 4th, a win would take them to second. The pitch was in no way unfair but was very slow and very low in bounce. We had a strong first 5-10 minutes but then came under a lot of pressure as we couldn’t really get the ball out of our half and keep it there. They eventually scored and this certainly wasn’t against the run of play. One remarkable save then followed from James Rushton – he was on the left post at a short and hooked the ball away in Gordon Greenidge-esq style (anyone under 40 look on You-tube!). We were then under more pressure, marking better than last week and fighting hard. Their second came not long before the break and was a little contentious but deserved. At 0-2 it was now going to be crucial that we didn’t let the game get away.

Half time came at a good time and we re-gathered and committed to a simpler formula. Whilst still under some pressure we had much more of the game. They were strong at the back but we made it easier for them than we should as we turned into their flat sticks too much. From another short James Rushton did the same again this time a certain save. Quite brilliant but time was running out and we needed a goal. Alas, it was only in the last minute that we got one through a nice bit of play with Oliver Nash passing firmly to Rafi Rosenfield who found Will Roughton who nutmegged the keeper. We had 20 seconds to chase the draw but alas came up short. One rather remarkable stat was that we had no short corner in the whole game.