M3s work rate not enough to break Wappings “11-men in the D” defensive tactic as they finish in draw.

Result : DRAW 2-2 vs Wapping

Match Report : Noah Lavy

The weekend was started with an early 9am meet for the Mighty 3s at what some may describe as a slow and sticky Lee Valley 2nd pitch. After a slow, cold warm up the game was ready to take place with Andy captaining and Guy Garner making his debut.

Southgate started looking rather off the pace and were struggling to connect passes and move up the pitch. It wasn’t too long before the 3s went 1-0 down after some tidy skills, from a player who seemed to be playing down a team, and then a hit across goal and a possibly dodgy deflection(nobody is really sure) to get the ball past Akshay.

Still struggling to make many chances or threats Southgate took another blow from a short corner. The ball was injected out to once again the possibly higher team player who dribbled both runners and took a shot towards goal which Akshay was seeming to save comfortably…. Until the opposition striker jumped in front of him and deflected the ball into the back of the net, shattering the hearts of fans Anna and Liv Richardson.

The 3s went into a halftime team talk with not much to show for the first half and a lot of disappointed players. Following a motivational speech from the Captain instructing the forwards to run hard and lead hard the second half was ready for a comeback.

BOOM. From the instant the whistle blew for the second half there was an visual difference in the intensity of the all mighty 3s. Some strong running and team play from the jump resulted in a short corner. Southgate realising that the opposition had a fast running 1 decided to play a zig-zag between Cam at the top of the D and Vivek on the right edge. AND ITS A GOAL! That’s one back and the boys are sprinting back to the halfway line ready to get another..

A few minutes pass and then an opportunity arises with Cam cutting in across the top of the D from the left hand side and his shoe is even stripped off his foot…but it was no match for him as he still wins the short corner. After the recent success of the other one, Southgate decided to make another smart decision and slip it left to Jackson, who dribbled past two players and executed an exquisite finish and that’s 2–2.

The mighty 3s fought till the end of the game but it wasn’t enough to break Wappings “11-men in the D” defensive tactic.- Special mentions to Joe, Noah and Cam; all 3 forwards getting no time on the bench in the second half but continuing to run and create opportunities.