M4A’s take home a massive 4 goals at home against Potters Bar

Match Report : Will Hargrove

Potters Bar 2s (home) vs Southgate 4AsEast 4SW

HT 0-2 (Southgate) | FT  0-4 (Southgate)

Southgate Goals : 1 Rich martins, 3 Sohan Dhana (goals 2/3/4)

MOM : Sohan Dhana, mentions to: Sajiv & Fin

We met at “Dame Alice Owens” and after explaining to our Aussie team mate whet “Dame” meant, we warmed up. En route I had been called my Captain Huddleston (Hud-dog to his friends) and he informed me he had broken down, he would arrive but late…the game started. We had commited to be disciplined and proficient with the ball and amazingly we were. A good opening 5-10 minutes of exchanges then eventually led to a short. No Connor this week and Hargrove off the field (probably a good thing) so up stepped Rich Martins and scored, a good strike low and bottom left. This wasn’t against the run of play but was a good start.

From here we battled well all over the field. 10 minutes later one of their attacks broke down on their left, our right, and Hargrove decided to try one of his aerials and it made its way to Raj Saha who battled the keeper before the ball fell free for Sohan Dhana who made no mistake. 2-0 to the ‘gate. A few more saves from their keeper kept them in it. At half time, a break we didn’t really want, we agreed to be patient and disciplined again and we were exactly that. Two more goals followed in the second half and both were very well tidied up at the far post by Sohan for his hattrick (alas too young for jug buying). The game had one more main event. From an opposition short corner Anthony Spencer kept the ball out but latterly with his leg and a, correctly awarded, stroke followed. Fin had a “no goals” sign up and saved well to keep our clean sheet. It was a really terrific performance, every player could have been voted MOM. Superb all round. Unselfish and yet direct, a joy!

Fin-Sheridan Licata no nonsense and no risks, great stroke save. Jon Huddleston sadly didn’t arrive. Stephen Gwynn-Jones solid and unruffled on his second start, a good game. James Rushton some silky skills and utter determination, very good game. Sajiv Saha mature, strong and incisive. Anthony Spencer played very well ,solid, abrasive and no nonsense. Jai Martins a superb game, mature, great on the ball and at keeping it and recycling, fine performance. Fergus Comrie driven , determined and a permanent handful for the oppo. Will Hargrove solid and largely just had to pull strings and let the youth do the work. Dan Spencer a good game in a number of position across the midfield, good. Sohan Dhana hat-trick man and strong game. Rich Martins brilliant posting, a threat, great first touch and exactly what we have often missed, a linchpin. Raj Saha abrasive and a handful, great running and never let them settle. Kyle Shah work very well in the front three, offered good width and played provider. On to next week!