M4s secure another win to maintain 2nd in league!

Result : WIN 4-0 vs PHC Chiswick 2

Match Report : Ben Berndes-Cade

The Men’s 4’s were faced with a dangerous clash with Chiswick 2’s at Home this weekend. A game vital to the promotion chances, the 4’s came in with a weakened squad through injuries from Alessandro Onano, Angus Burns with Mitch Read, Will Biggins and Joe Kelly receiving their callup to the 3’s.

An improved start from last week, having more possession and less turn-overs thanks to the steady hands and movement of both full-backs, Freddie Trathen and Nigel Sellars. The 4’s pressured Chiswick and with the first short corner of the game, a sublime drag flick from Ben Berndes-Cade saw Southgate go 1-0 up.

Chiswick managing to catch the team out a handful of times towards the middle of the first half, moving down their right flank. The ball trickled across the D seemingly hitting an attacker foot, before breaking for an attacker to push at goal. It hits a Southgate foot on the line and a Penalty Stroke is given.

Both teams contest the umpire for an opposing decision, but the call is given and its only down to Veysel Demir’s cold stare and footwork. The only victor in that position would be Demir, celebrating as the attacker puts it wide after psyching them out. A move that will haunt Chiswick later on as well.

Southgate didn’t let the stroke phase them however, continuing to attack and counter down the left side consistently through Lucca Bilyard and James Cubin linking up with Freddie Burns. Managing to slide the ball past the goal keeper through to Guy Garner who slipped it back to Lucca for a 2nd goal. 2-0 Southgate.

Lots of great movement and great hands from James Cubin in the midfield, playing his first game in awhile, but still managing to attract multiple defenders to even try and stop his attacks. Freddie Thrathen also managing to get great link-up play with Guy Garner and Leo Garner on the right from great transfers from Luke Tullo at the back.

Some great skills from Guy Garner netted him a goal, forcing Chiswick to always look out for him whenever on the ball. Making the score 3-0

Another sublime drag from Ben Berndes-Cade forced an awkward save from the Chiswick keeper, palming it down for Freddie Burns to smash home making it 4-0

Towards the end of the second half, Chiswick were piling on the pressure attempting to sneak a few goals for a quick comeback, but 4’s were resilient and fought for every inch of space. However, another decision was given against the defence as a penalty stroke. Vesyel Demir would be called into action once again and put his mind to the test in order to keep his team a clean sheet. A different player set to take the stroke for Chiswick. A few side steps and a glare into the opponents eye and Demir was ready…the stroke was taken. Another miss from the Chiswick team screamed celebration from Demir, the Southgate players and the fans in the stands. Veysel would not be beaten.

A strong victory from the 4’s see them climb along with the leaders, just 5 points away from the current leaders, Hampstead and Westminster 5’s. Leaving the rest of the teams with another 5 point gap to make up.