M4s secure convincing East London victory to cap off first half of the season

Southgate M4s vs East London M2s
3-0 Win
Match Report by Alessandro Onano

Not even enough time to digest the turkey, and our team finds themselves on the field for an unusual Sunday afternoon match, a rescheduled clash closing the first half of the season. Facing East London 2, eager to secure points for a climb from the relegation zone, it was our chance to solidify the 4th position and kickstart the new year on the right foot.

The game starts positively for us, determined to prove that the gap in the standings is no fluke. However, the rust from the three-week break shows, with some imprecision in passes preventing real threats to the opposing defense. But the goal doesn’t take long to arrive; Freddie steals the ball in midfield, initiates a counter-attack, serves Zech causing chaos on the right, and then finds Lik lurking on the back post, who calmly taps it in.

Despite the disadvantage, the opponents persist in their ultra-defensive strategy, closing ranks with 11 in their half. The 4s struggle to break the fortress, and despite a few chances from short corners, they end the first half without increasing the lead.

Acting as the 4s coach for the day, Chris tweaks a couple of elements during the break, providing crucial insights to dismantle the resilient defense of the blue-orange squad. Our team implements the suggestions, and at the first opportunity, Zech scores the second goal, efficiently converting from a short corner.

Seeking a comeback, the opponents venture more into our half but leave spaces for us to exploit. Defending with discipline, we create even more threats. The 3-0, with Lik scoring after a foul by the goalkeeper on Jeckson, seals a one-sided encounter well managed by our team.

The first half of the season concludes with 20 points; an excellent journey so far for us. Now, the challenge is to maintain this momentum in the second leg, starting with the away match against London Wayfarers on Saturday afternoon.

MoM Sajiv Saha (Midfielder)