M4’s take league leaders to the wire

Crostyx 1 showed up in Trent park with the intention of not interrupting the winning streak. The 4s, eager to confirm the latest good performances, for their part were not intimidated and immediately made it clear that they would not play the part of the sacrificial lamb.

The game is balanced and the defense, also supported by an excellent filter in midfield, did not leave much space for the opponents. Few opportunities on both sides and a first half that ends 0-0.

The 2nd half is more sparkling. Crostyx asserts his good game organization and technical skills but the 4s are good at not leaving too many spaces and restarting on the counterattack. Crostyx’s lead comes on a quick counterattack that catches Southgate’s defense unprepared but, down by 1 goal, Southgate would have the immediate opportunity to equalise but Lik’s drag flick hits both posts.

The 4s raise the center of gravity and leave some space for Crostyx who scores again with a good action that allows the attacker to deflect a pass from the right.

The 4s do not lower their heads and they begin to press the opponents even more. The goal arrives thanx to Lik good at collecting and depositing a short kickback from the goalkeeper but it comes perhaps too late and with Crostyx defending with all 11 players, there will be few remaining chances to reach the deserved draw.

Unfortunately the finale tells of yet another defeat of a single goal this season. A bittersweet ending to a game once again played very well by the 4s.

MoM for Andy as well as a special mention for Angus but all 15 on the field put in place a wonderful team performance.