M4s undone by Vikings in Battersea Park

2-1 Loss vs London Wayfarers Vikings

Match report by Alessandro Onano

It was a tough match for the 4s, guests of the London Wayfarers Vikings, in the first game of the second half of the season. There are many regrets for an irregular goal, but above all, for not being able to bring the usual grit and tenacity to the field that has allowed us to overcome many obstacles in previous matches.

The match starts on an uphill slope, with the home team taking the lead thanks to a goal resulting from a shot from outside the area, clearly from our perspective deflected into the net by our defence but awarded to the opponents.

Apart from this episode, the game is fairly balanced, with chances for both sides but no major threats to the two goalkeepers. The balance is restored in the last minute of the first half when Zech skillfully converts a short corner. 1-1 at half time.

The second half begins with the same pattern, with substantial midfield balance and both teams unable to create significant dangers. The equilibrium is broken halfway through when the Vikings score from a short corner.

The reaction of the red and blacks is immediate but disorganised. We managed to raise the bar and attack the opponents more insistently but without breaking through the opposition’s fortress. There would have been a chance to equalise at the last minute, but the defence neutralised the short corner that would have sealed the deserved draw.

A defeat that shows how much balance there is in this league, and one cannot trust teams with fewer points on the scoreboard. It’s a lesson to digest quickly for the rest of the season.

MoM Zech Mengrani