Ham & West prove to have the greater thirst in tough home encounter for M5

It was a crisp, sunny  November day, 11 o’clock meet for 12 noon push back. 

We are playing H&W Thirsts, who got promoted with us last season, they’ve had a solid start so far so we knew we were in for a battle. But we were confident. We had Kabir and Luke joining us today! 

We started brightly, all be it, slightly under the kosh, as has been the way recently, we were moving it around well, but struggling to retain possession. Matt was putting in the tackles, Ethan, cool as a cucumber in tight areas, Arun making runs up the right flank. We were defending our box well, soaking up some early pressure. But soon enough, they broke our resistance, our defence appeared to be taking a nap, and their striker was left all alone in acres of space, the ball was played in and with a lovely clean strike slotted the ball into the sideboard, no chance for big John Dann, 0-1.

We got more into the game, Kabir, Luke, Duncs & Dhill in the middle trying to make some things happen, whilst ST, Nayan & James were tireless in their pursuit of the ball, some shorts were won but not converted. 

Soon after Willmott does a fine piece of defending, the umpire thinks it hit his foot, it hasn’t, it was a great block, It hit his hand, the umpire blows the whistle, however Rory was mid swing so hit it straight to STs stick for the counter attack. Green Card for Willmott for hitting the ball away. 

We got back into the game, down the left hand side, with a great ball into the box, a flick on and it was despatched by Doug, 1-1. He should play more but it’s a long drive from Somerset! 

They didn’t have much going forward to be honest, but, we weren’t taking our chances either, and we lost the ball sloppily, they broke down the pitch, bang, goal, 1-2. We huffed and puffed, but couldn’t find the equaliser we needed, and suffered our 4th defeat of the season. 

This was followed by some beers in the club house, where it was a sight to behold seeing Willmott umpire his fist league game. Then some of us went off Boulavards for more beers and a Curry and hours of hockey debate! 

Onwards and upwards