M5’s manage to disappoint and still win in 8-1 victory over Chiswick

Result : WIN 8-1 vs Chiswick 5

Match Report : Ivan Stark

Southgate Goals:
3x Ivan Stark
3x Alastair Whatley
1x James Marriot
1x Quentin Wedmore

The Mighty 5’s are chasing a promotion that requires a victory from every game. This weekend, March 26th 11.30 at Southgate, is the big game against promotion rivals West Hampstead 5’s!

Never the less last Saturday we travelled off to PHC Chiswick to battle it out with the bottom of the table. With limited numbers and some key players out we knew it would be tougher than expected.

After a very lacklustre warm up and some attempted rousing words from senior members of the team it did not seem like it was going to be a fun outing. However, in the absence of Andy Roberts and his revving pre game talks- Captain ST and senior player Nigel stepped up to get the “gees” going.

The first 10 minutes were all over the place from both teams and at one point it looked like it was going to be a good day for Chiswick. Rory and Nigel took great control from the back and this seemed to get the Mighty 5’s into swing of things.

The first goal was scored by James with a customary cool finish. After an attempted clearance from a 16 went wrong the ball fell to Mr Whatley just outside the D. Alastair very casually walked into the D and smashed the ball into the bottom right. This happened right after ST had found himself in a very similar position, but unfortunately the shot went wayward, resulting in said 16.

Chiswick were no match for the MIghty 5’s over the next 15 minutes of play. A P- Flick was awarded to which Scott stepped up and unfortunately missed making that the third P- Flick missed for the 5’s this season. A few moments later Ivan made up for it scoring from a short corner after having been unsuccessful with the first. A minute later he had his second. After some great work down the left of the field Mr Whatley attacked the baseline in a manner that would have made any coach proud. He flicked the ball through to Ivan who turned on the P spot and buried the ball in the bottom left.

Half time came a few moments later and never have any of us seen such sad and angry bunch of players who were winning 4-0. After ST made a few reference to how Liverpool are the best and we should play more like them; Rory may have been referred to as a classier Van Dyk or something like that. The 5’s went out to try for a double digit scoreline.

Within a few minutes the Mighty 5’s had a short corner and the trusted zig – zag was called upon and it did not disappoint. After smashing it in from the P – Spot Ivan had goal number three. With the 5’s returning to the centre to start again one of the Chiswick CB’s was carded for five minutes.

Mr Whatley took advantage of this numerical advantage and scored his second for the afternoon nicely assisted by a fine cross from James. With the 5’s now in complete control we were beginning to wonder how many more we could score in the remaining 21 minutes. Unfortunately this thought led to everyone thinking they could score and the next 10 minutes we were all over the place.

With the final 10 approaching we knew there were still a few goals left in us and once again our newest signing Quentin scored making it 7-0!!!

Alastair soon replied with his third of the day too. Taking it to a whopping 8-0.

Unfortunately in the dying minutes Chiswick scored a conciliation goal to end the day 8-1.