M6 fall to league leaders despite Captain Jon heroics

0-6 Loss
Match Report by James Rushton

The M6’s knew they were going to have a hard game against league leaders, OMT 3s. This was unfortunately the case as a resounding 6-0 defeat ultimately followed. Southgate started the game fuelled up to gain at least a point from OMTs due to the inspiring team talk from the captain and MoTM Jon. Sadly this wasn’t the case as OMT shortly took the lead with a scrappy short corner. Which then led to OMT beginning to gain dominance and starting to create more chances. Painfully but not against the run of play, 3 more goals were then conceded by Southgate before halftime another from a harsh penalty corner and two from open play with the M6s once again allowing the opposition a free man to attack the D without closing down. You simply cannot allow this to happen at this level.

Halftime was the last chance for the M6s to begin to turn this game around. Again, fuelled by another impactful Jon team talk, the M6s walked onto the field looking to change the game. Southgate battled hard and began to play a better brand of hockey – even creating a chance or two. However it wasn’t enough, OMT managed to create 2 more goals late on in the second and It was all over.

This loss has now left Southgate in the bottom 2 teams in the table and at risk of demotion in their first season in the London league. Improvements will need to be made to turn the season round if we want the team to stay up.

Jon deservedly won MoTM with 5 votes both for helping to keep the score down and for spiritedly captaining in the face of a clearly better opposing team. Other votes went to Joe x2, Duncan x1 and James R x1. And now for a weekends break before the final quarter of the season ….