M6 lose out to Indian Gym after striking start in 10 goal thriller

Match Report by Will Hargrove

4-6 FT

Southgate goals
Randall Hyer 15mins FG
Laurence Whyatt 16mins FG
Peter Roughton 26mins FG
James Lockheart 70mins FG

Anytime you go 3-0 up and then concede 6 goals and only manage a consolation in the 70th minute to lose 4-6 is going to be disappointing. To the have central defender – James Rushton as MOM and for keeper Jon Dann to have played well and for that to be the case is all the more mystifying. This is yet another game to put down to experience but frankly if you let Indian Gym play and don’t work back and stick to the defensive task this is what will happen.

The goals we scored where mostly against the run of play but well taken by: Randall Hyer, Laurence Whyatt, Peter Roughton and James Lockheart. I would also add that Alex Prior looked a threat in midfield. Beyond that it really is only a matter of saying that captain Hargrove let the team down with his discipline (again) and tried to force the game due to a dearth of other options. Rushton was superb on the post at corners and in open play tackling. Enough said. If we are to avoid a relegation scrap then the basics need to improve and fast as does the commitment, energy and work rate.

MVP votes
James Rushton 6
Jon Dann 2
Will Roughton 1
Randall Hyer 1

Score order