Match Report by Will Hargrove

The only game in the club was away at Richmond HC who it has to be said had been confident all week that the game would go ahead. It was just great to be playing. The surface was fine for the whole game, I don’t remember even one slip. We started strongly and dominated the first ten minutes with their keeper being the only thing to save them a couple of time. Against the run of play and with one of their first forays forward they scored which was a frustration. We stuck to our task and a short by Alastair Whatley eventually ended up in the keepers stick hand gauntlet. His only mistake was to free it and in doing so Whatley pounced. At 1-1 things were even on the board and the pitch. Sadly they scored a deflection not long before the halftime to see them ahead.

At the break we just committed to a bit more composure and patience. Alas, the opposition showed more of these traits than us. We went 3-1 behind but were still creating chances. Captain Hargrove, fairly, received a yellow for preventing an opposition player from running once he had rounded him. We carried on pushing as the game opened up. Sadly they then scored and the game somewhat petered out. It was more a one or two goal game but we could have no complaints in what was a good and well umpired encounter. Fortunately the showers were warm!

Neil Commons was exposed in goal and couple of times and made some good saves. James Rushton had a good game in more trying circumstances at times. Composed on the ball. David James was elegant in his forays forward and composed otherwise, played well. Rafi Rosenfield showed considerable ball pace and had a good game. Aryan Chhaya was, as ever, good on the ball and managed to get forward. Luke Mather, on his first game for the 6s, played very well, never flustered, he thoroughly deserved his MOM votes.

Charlie Hargrove was industrious in midfield and tackled back very well. Simon (Os) Bate, despite a tweak of the back pre-game played well and even hit the cross bar at one stage. Alessandro Onano was a midfield dynamo covering masses of ground and looked a constant threat. Will Hargrove was ok and steady in the middle but not as precise at PCs as in recent weeks. Mark Mather did well in the centre. Alex Prior got through on goal and looked a threat. Felix Rushton likewise held the ball well and was patient. Alastair Whatley, scored the goal and mad many good runs. With our trio upfront the shame was the stunning game their keeper had. Indian Gym 5s next week…