The M7s went into this match knowing that OMT were beatable, and hoping for at least a point from this fixture.

Some late changes to the side (in particular, thanks go to Chris Rouse for doubling up after the Titans match, and Martin Christie for making his M7s debut at late notice) meant that the squad was bolstered to 14 on the day, coming up against an OMT side with plenty of players on the bench too.

The match didn’t start well for the M7s: in the first couple of minutes OMT scored a scrappy bobbly goal from a mis-hit shot that summed up the M7s season so far.

After that, the match was much more even, with good duels all over the pitch. Both teams had opportunities, but Southgate probably the most in number – the OMT keeper pulling off a clutch of fine saves just before half time.

The second half was more of the same: OMT kept at arms length by the Southgate defence until a couple of short corners pinned the M7s back in their own half. OMT thought that they’d scored a second from one of these short corners, but it was rightly disallowed for being struck too high.

Southgate continued to press, but clear chances started to dry up, as the OMT back line got the measure of their opposite numbers.

0-1 it ended, but most will go away thinking that the M7s should have got something from the game in a match that was an opportunity missed.

MotM was Mark Mather for another fine performance of sweeping and distribution. Other votes went to Luke Mather for a dynamic display at right back.