Magnums v Hampstead & Westminster

W 5-3

report by MALE ANON (aka Nigel S-K)

For this game Cliff had sorted out 14 players, H & W could only manage 9 without a goal keeper.  Pom and Tim Gingell gallantly turned out for them and both scored later. Brian Woolcott had telephoned that he had broken down, well not Brian but his car on the M25 near St Albans and he might not arrive on time, in fact he didn’t make it. So 11 v 11.

For the opposition Pom prodded one of his within a yard of the line goals and Tim flicked the ball in during a short corner routine while Magnums had a quiet doze.  The other H/W goal also came from the aftermath of another short corner mess up.

Tony Mastroddi two, Robin Tully two, and one goal from Jeremy Lavy. Tony scored one from a penalty flick and one during play. Robin’s goals came from outstanding runs down the right wing by Martin Atkinson with excellent crosses then smashed in by Robin.  It is fair to say that Cliff was in goal for six of the eight goals, an impressively generous achievement, and his honourable sense of fairness.

There was an exhortation from Graeme Welch at half time in the hope we would put in a little bit more effort, Jez Lavy was already fired up and moving everywhere swiftly but this game is unlikely to stick in the memory for most players who appeared to be suffering from heat stress.  Actually there were many moments when players were heard to shout out that this or that was a good piece of hockey but the game was scarcely mentioned at the after match tea. Nonetheless we are all grateful to Cliff and friends for arranging the game. So nice to be able to use the showers too after so many months.

Report from Male anon.