Magnums v St Albans Centurions


(report by Cliff Peck)

Once lockdown was relaxed sufficiently for Grand Masters hockey to re commence, friendly fixtures were organised for as many Saturdays as was possible . The latest of which was against our old  adversaries St Albans Centurions .  

Compared to the opposition ( average age apx 72) we could be considered  a ‘young ‘ team  ( average age 63 ). Magnums had 65/70 % of the possession throughout the match , exerting  constant pressure on their  ageing defence. Three Magnum  goals were scored during the first half  all worthy of a mention in dispatches , the third especially, a diving lunge by Martyn Atkinson to a ball hit across the face of the goal (or did he trip up running for the ball  which inadvertently hit his outstretched stick and crept just inside the right hand post ? … Mmm I’ll go with the former explanation).

The second half was much the same as the first  ,when the opposition did get in and around our ‘D’  our defenders snuffed out the  majority of the danger , any shots that did get through  were dealt with by  our  number 1 .

A further 4 goals were scored resulting in a resounding win for the Magnums following which we all retired to the bar to entertain our guests and run up a ginormous bar bill in the process.

There were some really good individual performances  especially from our midfield and front line players , a difficult decision but MOM went to our central defender Martin (Billy J ) Cramer .

There is also a rogue report from Stroller…

A straightforward win for the Magnums over a St Albans team comprising of some players who probably turned out for them when they were known as Verulamium. It was lots (possibly 7) to nil. 

Goal of the game came from Martin the Younger who slid in on his nose at the far post in the first half to end a flowing move. Sadly this could not be repeated by Pom “Pom” Pomanovic in the second half. Readers may have seen media coverage of whales who lose their sense of direction and end up beached. So it was with Pom Pom with the goal at his mercy from four inches…Fortunately only the 40 socially distanced folk on the viewing platform saw it so I cant imagine it will ever be mentioned again…

The only other incident worthy of note was a save from our goalkeeper Cliff the Cat. There is a sepia coloured photo available somewhere showing the last time this happened. 

Stroller was magnificent throughout.

Cliff Peck