Mens 3A/4A vs Old Loughts Champagne (H)

Report by Will Hargrove

L 1-4

A sunny Southgate Water Pitch saw the second instalment of 3A/4A vs Old Loughtonians’ “Champagne” summer challenge. The first fixture, two weeks earlier, had seen gate come a rather resounding second (6-0 win for OL’s). This was due in the main to a particularly dynamic forward of theirs. Chairman of selectors Prior had tried, in the two week gap, to infiltrate the OLs selection committee and de-select said dynamic forward but it would appear that even Mr P has his limitations – he was against us again.

This was, to mix many a metaphor “a game of four quarters played as two halves”. Gate were good in quarters two and four scoring just before the half making the game a close one but alas, OLs scored two goals in each of quarters one and three and deserved their win. The final score of 1-4 may be flattered our guests by a goal but no more than that…it will have to be third time lucky!

There were several notable performances in what occasionally became a little more feisty than an April friendly ought to be but we all like to win!