Narrow loss to strong Guildford side.

Result : LOSS 1-2 Guildford o45s

Match Report : Jo Price

A windy day on the sand pitch was the setting for this second round match in the Plate Competition. We have come to expect that there are no easy games in the EH age group tournaments. So it proved again when we came up against a slick, hard-hitting Guildford side. We welcomed Bhu and Otty to the team for the first time and were very grateful to gain some speed and relative youth to the side.

The visitors were in the ascendancy from the off with their excellent central mid-fielder controlling proceedings at a pace. This was good old-fashioned hockey at its best with fast, accurate passing pinning the Flutes back into their defensive half. Huge credit goes to our back line who organised well and calmly managed to repel the onslaught, until we were able to gain a footing and put together some attacking moves. Otty, combining well with Sarah, used her extensive skills to jink through the middle and gain some PCs which seemed our best chance of scoring. Pat stepped up to inject but the initial attacks were broken down. In the last ten minutes Flutes broke the deadlock with a strong and accurate injection which Otty crashed home in impressive style.

Guildford, shocked by a goal against the run of play, redoubled their efforts in the hope of equalising before the break. This resulted in a flurry of PCs with Kathy doing an excellent job of closing them down, ending the half with bruised ribs when dealing with a 50/50 ball but with the 1-0 scoreline intact.

In the second half the home side had found a more settled rhythm but the visitors upped their play, switching the ball from side to side at frightening pace. Flutes attempted to neutralise the visitors’ playmaker with a player on player marker but she was savvy enough to remain still which effectively took our player out of action This gave little chance for Flutes to break down the movement until they were nearer the attacking D and created more opportunity for the visitors to earn a PC. Excellent defending from the SG side indicated that the best opportunity for the Surrey team to score would not come from open play. The equaliser finally came from a well honed corner routine and with their dander now up they continued to apply the pressure with their second goal scored in similar fashion to the first.

Flutes fought to the end to find an equaliser but Guildford had now shut up shop and there was no way through.

We finished the game with a 1-2 loss but can be proud of our work rate, team effort and preventing any score from open play.

Everyone played well but a big shout out to the defence who all played a blinder – Hell’s thwarting all close shots and Jo B and Kathy showing why they are such a formidable unit for the 4’s. Otty was voted WOW for her great skill on the ball and an excellent goal.

Next game Sun 13th Feb v St Albans Home in the O55’s EH CUP 3.45 PB