Over 50s local Derby ends in 3-0 win for Southgate Titans!

Result : Titans 3-0 St Albans Praetorians

Match Report : Nicholas John Robinson (Age 59 years and 9 months)

On a weekend when England qualified for the T20 Cricket World Cup semi-finals, England Rugby beat Tonga, the Red Roses beat the Black Ferns for the second time in a row and West Ham beat Liverpool to go 3rd in the Premier League, it is quite possible that another game may have evaded your attention. That fixture was the local O50s derby between Southgate and St Albans.

Titans (Greek gods that ruled the world before the Olympians) faced off against Praetorians (members of the bodyguard of the emperor of ancient Rome) and as befits both this fixture and also this time of year, fireworks were promised and subsequently delivered. You didn’t need to get to the annual shows at Verulamium Park or even Ally Pally to hear the “oohs” and “aaahs” associated with an entertaining display – it was right there at Oakland College, even if it took a while to get started and the appreciative sounds were from our own players!

The display started in subdued fashion with last year’s Sparklers and a couple of Catherine Wheels that needed more than one visit and a helping hand to get spinning. The Big Rockets that everyone was looking forward to seeing, sadly failed to materialize. Surely someone had brought them? That’s Jatin’s job isn’t it?

Jatin duly provided the first Big Bang of the display, an open play rasping Rocket which went in the net halfway up. The keeper did not move, being only able to admire the sparkling trail that the ball left behind with the initials JKP remaining in the half light. Ooooh!

Half time came and went with many players discussing what a good firework display really should look like.

It sounded like they had seen lots of them! Agreement was reached that you need more than a single Rocket and a couple of damp Roman Candles from the back of the shed to get people excited.

Whilst the first half was characterized by a couple of players intermittently setting light to whatever small fireworks they had brought with them, the second half display was far better. The show started to look more organized and coordinated with the pitch being permanently filled with amazing patterns and vibrant colours. The blue touch paper was now alight. Stand well back and wait for further goals!

A converted stroke by Shami left the keeper ruing the fact that he had not used fireproof gloves to handle the flaming missile. “Too hot, make a dragon wanna retire man” 2-0 Aaaaah!

Jatin completed his own personal display to make the final score 3-0 and take his personal tally to two – Bang Bang!
Before you knew it, the display was over, leaving the players a little smelly, slightly deaf from the constant urgings of the sweeper but definitely looking forward to the next one…..

In the coming weeks, we look forward to the return of our own Mr. Guido Fawkes (Michael Stuart Poulton), now there’s a man who knows how to get a Catherine Wheel spinning!!

The search for the perfect display continues…..Place your trust in Haribo!