Priestley goal still not enough to secure victory for M7’s

Match Report by Mark Thomsett

Bolstered by some Titans (Biffy Robinson and Ali Priestley) the returning Laurence Whyatt, and debutant Adam Batchelor, the M7s went into this match feeling confident of victory.

Alongside M7s regulars Michiel Van Soest, and summer signing Dan McGrath, Southgate took control of the midfield and created lots of opportunities for James Wood, Freddie Bachler and Adam Batchelor up front. Their goalkeeper, however, was in fine form, but surely he could only delay the inevitable…

And so it proved: after some good work down the right from Luke Mather and Michiel Van Soest, Ali Priestley ghosted in with a blind side slide to pop the ball into the net. 1-0 at half time. Southgate went in on a positive note, but knowing that the job was only half done.

The second half started in a similar pattern. Dan McGrath continued to break through the Harrow lines, setting up chances and pushing the ball into space. The Harrow goalkeeper continued to perform well, and their goal frame even did its bit – the woodwork being struck four times in a frantic half.

Then the match turned: a bobbly, scrappy goal was scored by Harrow, who got their tails up. From a short corner they won a penalty stroke, which Randall Hyer saved excellently, but then a couple of minutes later, another bobbly scrappy goal went in.

Southgate pushed for an equaliser, and chances came and went.

2-1 to Harrow in a game with fine performances all over the pitch from Southgate. On another day it would have been wrapped up by half time, but the Harrow goal led a charmed life at times and the luck and clinical finishing stuck with Harrow at the end.

Man Of The Match was Dan McGrath in a strong, dynamic display of attacking midfield play.