Relatively Speaking – Wayne and Max Garner (on behalf of Team Garner)

The Garners are regular fixtures on field and off at Southgate, now with all 3 Garner boys performing well throughout the club- and Wayne too lending his skills (and goal scoring) to the 4A’s. Max is now playing in the M1’s team and anyone who has seen Guy and Leo performing for the 3A’s and 4A’s will know they are not far behind. This week we hear all about how Martin Foxhall our L1’s coach introduced Wayne to hockey and Max’s ambitions for his team…and what it is like playing with his Dad.

Leo, Guy, Max, Wayne ready for SHC Match day (not the dog, he’s half asleep)

I’ve played hockey on and off for about 40 years now, all the way up through the leagues (East London and Waltham Forest 1st in my prime) and back down again, a lot of matches. I came to Southgate last season, with my two younger sons Guy & Leo keen to join the u14s, it was during their first training session that Neil B-W pointed at Max & said “What about you…?” That same week Max was training with the 1s.

So what’s a Dad to do but join in? I already had a link to Southgate, our very own Martin Foxall (L1s coach) was the man that introduced me to hockey in the early 1980s. Martin was my hockey coach at school and taught me all I know about hockey (Good and bad) years later I passed that passion onto my three sons Max (M1s), Guy (3As & u16s) & Leo (4As & u16s). Leo tolerates me playing alongside him this season & I’ll keep up with him as long as I can!

The Garner boys with role model Alex Danson

I’ve always enjoyed hockey and being part of the team and it’s a lot of fun being part of a hockey-mad family, hockey conversations, sometimes mildly controversial in nature, are a common theme around here. I enjoy watching my boys play too although I can’t stand still and usually pace the side-lines instead.

Proudest SHC moment:
All 4 of us scoring a goal for our mens teams on the same day – my goal was the best though.

Hockey ambition:
Play one match with all my sons.

Max and Guy with England & GBs Laura Unsworth sharing the tournament spoils

I came to Southgate last season, and after giving my all at training with the M1s I was rewarded with regular match selections. I really enjoy playing with the M1s, they’re a great bunch of lads who always encourage me to stretch and improve. With continued commitment and improvement I’ve been put forward for an England u21s trial, just over a year after joining SHC.

I did play with my Dad at our previous club, it was a good experience for me, although he seemed to gather a few cards that season! My two younger brothers play too and are always hot on my heels. It’s good being part of a hockey family but we always find time for other things, in lockdown I’ve been learning languages and improving my cooking skills. I’m really looking forward to returning to the hockey pitch, although I’ve managed pretty well in lockdown now I know not to interrupt my Mum’s work video calls…!

Hockey ambitions: Help SHC get promoted to the Premier League. Play for England.