Resurgent M4’s take down Wapping

MOM: David James

DOD: Alastair Whatley

2-0 W 2x Z.Mengrani

The M4 continued a rude run of form in a dominant 2-0 win over league stragglers Wapping.

After taking a last minute point from the M3’s in the Gate Derby last week, the M4 looked to continue their point scoring as they lined up against Wapping M4’s at home. A tight 2-1 win at Lea Valley in the away leg suggested that the game could prove a tense encounter, yet under the assured leadership of Italian Internationale Maestro Alessandro Onano the M4 never really looked troubled.

From push back Southgate dominated possession with Waqas Dastagir and Jai Martins proving effective in the middle ably supported by the increasing confidence of wing back D explorer David James and the icy cool calm of fellow wing man Ethan Mehendran.

The front line led ably by Zech Mengrani with double act duo in support in the shapely forms of Rich Martins and double up dod Whatley fresh from his M5’s win at Ham and West helped keep the pressure on in the press driving balls away from the middle of the park meaning our Southgate gulls in the reserve lines could bite off the balls that bounced like barbazons at the edges.

Fred Trathen linked the lines well and helped force a sequence of PC’s which before long Zech Mengrani converted with a firebolt low and right passing the gloved hand of the Wapping keeper.

Samir Ahmad came into the game with increasing guile through the middle yet despite the industry the first half saw Southgate dominate with only limited opportunities in the D itself. Freddie Trathen coming closest with a smart reverse from top D which was blocked on the line.

Wapping managed some incursions into Gate territory, Akshay in goal pulled off a fine triple save from a Wapping PC, but was otherwise largely untroubled.

Southgate’s hunger for the win was never in doubt with the ever daring Whatley keen to capitalise on a sleeping Wapping outfit when he attempted to take the restart for the opposition, such enthusiasm alas ensured his second nod at DOD of the weekend.

1-0 at half time, the Maestro kept us focussed with a clear message to stick to the game plan and so it went that the second half showed even more Gate intent, attacks down both right and left channel saw more circle incursions the ball just not quite falling fleet of foot for the forwards to add the scoreline. It took Fred Trathen and Whatley to link up down the right who ran the ball onto a foot for Southgate’s 1st PC of the half to change the game with Mengrani’s second of the day with another ripping yarn of a drag flick which caught the Wapping keeper off balance and put Southgate 2-0 up with 15 to play.

Lots of good work followed, Alessandro Onano with Luke Tullo at centre back worked with the Unity of Unison and farmed deliveries high and low to their hard working team mates, Zech searched in vain for his hat-trick and Akshay largely took it easy savouring his clean sheet. The final whistle blew on a cool, calm and composed performance which steers the 4’s out of the relegation zone, yet hearts and sticks are braced for a tough string of fixtures to follow the half term break.